Thursday, July 12, 2012

And No, I Did Not Need Training Wheels This Time

Tuesday was my birthday.  I was going to blog about it yesterday, but yesterday, I didn't really do anything except have a Stampin' Up! workshop at my house.  Yep.  I'm still a demonstrator.  Just let me know if you need anything. ;)
Tuesday, though.  I did a bunch of stuff.  I got a bike for my birthday and so the kids have been wanting me to ride with them.  We rode around the block.  Once with just me and Zach and the other with all three of them.  Except Kaleb said, "I want to run.  I don't want to ride my bike."  We're still working on the training wheels coming off.  He did run most of the way, though.  Oh, here's something funny.  When I told Kaleb I was going to get a bike for my birthday, he said, "Mom, when you get your bike, are you going to need training wheels, too?"  Ha ha!  He's so cute.  It has been a very long time since I have ridden a bicycle, though.  Apparently, he's never seen me on one. :D
I'm the Assistant Wolf Den Leader in the cub scouts, and so we had a den meeting that morning.  We did all the stuff to pass of Achievement number two.  It's called "Your Flag".  We talked about our country's flag and how to treat it respectfully.  We did the outdoor ceremony in my neighbor's yard (she has a flag pole she told us we could use).  We came back to my house and talked about our state flag.  There are two dates on Utah's flag.  One says 1847, and I explained to them that is when the Mormon pioneers first arrived in the Salt Lake Valley.  Then I asked them why they would also put the year 1896 on it.  Riley (who is a Bear) just happened to be there and chimed in, "Because that was the year you were born!?"  Hahahahahahaha!  That's hilarious!  I said through fits of laughter, "I don't think they would put the year I was born on a flag just because it was the year I was born, Honey."  I think he was just all caught up in the excitement of it being my birthday.  My little wolf, got it right though.  He said, "Because that's when we became a state."  I also informed Riley that I am not 116 years old.  My partner laughed too, and said, "So does this make your second or third family?"  I replied, "Well, it's my fourth.  My first was all killed by vampires in 1912.  They just couldn't kill me, too.  They were awestruck by my beauty."  :D
After scouts, I ran to the store for a few things, came home, ate lunch and rode my new bike to my friend Amy's house.  She's moved and needed some help cleaning her old place.  I came after everybody else had left, so I didn't have to do too much.  I cleaned her bathroom, took some strings off the lights in the kitchen, washed the patio sliding door, helped her pack up some stuff into her car, and then we talked for half an hour before her kids started yelling that they'd been in the car forever (the air conditioner was on), and that they needed to go!  I'm going to miss her.
Then I was supposed to go home and clean up my house, but I didn't do that.  I played Farmville instead.  It always takes me longer than I think it will.  I should have learned by now.
Then I decided I needed to start making dinner.  I was having a few of my friends over for fry bread tacos.  I make good tacos.  Kurtis had made me a red velvet ice cream cake with Belgian chocolate ice cream and cream cheese frosting.  It was heaven!  I went looking for an ice cream cake recipe (because I didn't want to pay for one this year), and I asked if he would make it for me.  He surprised me by saying yes!  Woo hoo!
While my friends and I were partying it up, one of them informed us that our neighbor with a swimming pool posted on facebook that she was having a ladies only swim.  So I went to that and practiced my synchronized swimming moves while talking to some of the ladies in my neighborhood.  I had a really great day.  Riley gave me a card, I handed Kurtis the card I made myself when I was making everybody their birthday cards way back in January, and he had the boys write me notes and he wrote me a love letter. :)  I'm blushing just thinking about it.  :)
Yeah,  I think I'm a pretty lucky girl.  :)

Well, of course because it was my birthday, I didn't take any pictures.  But because I didn't take any pictures, nobody else did.  It's kind of, pretty much just me who takes the pictures in this family. :)  But this is my new bike!  It's so pretty. :)

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