Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two Posts For the Price Of One!

So ever since my basement had to be redone, I've been putting off putting it back together.  It's a big project because it's my computer/scrap booking room.  I have a lot of scrap booking stuff and not a lot of organizing things to organize my scrap booking stuff in.
Well, in a previous post I mentioned that Kurtis' motorcycle was having an issue.  It was just one sentence, not really worth going back and finding again unless you really want to.  Any way, it was leaking gas.  It would drip in the morning and then when he got to work, it would not be leaking any more and when he came home, it was fine.  But I did see it dripping, so I know he's not crazy.  Well, he took it to the dealer to have their mechanics look at it, and they couldn't find anything wrong with it.  There were some loose cables that they tightened up, but they couldn't find the leak.  Monday morning, Kurtis wakes me up and says, "Do you mind if I take the car to work today?  Now my motorcycle is spraying gas."  Holy crap!  Of course I let him take it.  I'm actually a pretty nice person contrary to what some people might say.
I told my brother (the airplane mechanic AKA Rodney) that his motorcycle was leaking gas, and he told me he could come and look at it the next day.
Kurtis turns to me and says, "We should clean out the garage a bit so we have more room to work on it tomorrow."  The garage is where all my scrap booking stuff is being stored and getting very dirty.  By "we", I knew he meant "me", and so I told him he needed to help me with the basement then because that's where it all belongs and he's the one who just recently moved a whole bunch of stuff that doesn't belong down there down there making it impossible to move around that room very well.
I grumpily went down there and started moving stuff around so I could at least start on it and move my craft table back  into the room and get it set up.  I also made him help me hang up my racks for my punches.  I've been waiting to do that for awhile now.  We have a tendency to put things off.  So Monday night, we did this:

 Kurtis said, "Please don't take my picture."  I'm not a very good listener.  Muwahahahahaha! :)

 The battery was dying on our drill, so we used it a little and used the hand screwdriver a little, too.  I helped with the hand screw-driving a little when Kurtis' carpel tunnel started acting up.

I've seen this done before, so this was by no means an original idea of mine, but I love it!  It's right above my crafting table and it's exactly what I wanted.  Now, I need to work on my table.  I need to get some paper holders and stuff.  It's just the beginning, but it will be awesome when it is all done and I will post pictures when I finally get everything off the floor and out of the garage.  I can't wait.

Tuesday was Pioneer Day.  It's a state holiday here, but we don't really celebrate it that much because Kurtis doesn't get the day off.  I guess international companies don't really care about holidays that are only celebrated in one state.  He gets the national holidays off though.  
Rodney came over around 4:30 and played with the kids for a few minutes.  Then he went to work on Kurtis's bike.  Kurtis did get to leave work a whole hour early, so he wasn't too long behind Rodney.  The fixed his bike!  Woo hoo!  Then we celebrated our Pioneer Heritage by eating enchiladas for dinner.  When it got dark, we lit the four sparklers we had left over from the fourth of July last year.  It was really exciting.  But we all had fun being together.

They dosed their sparklers in the sprinklers before throwing them away.  They turned on right when we walked outside.  I think the kids had fun.  Riley didn't obey me though and was running up the sidewalk with his sparkler and he stepped on a spark that hit the ground.  I gave them a designated area to be with their sparklers, but they didn't want to listen.  Except Rodney.  He's a pretty good listener. ;)

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