Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let Your Colors Burst

For the fourth of July, we didn't go any where.  We usually go to my parents' house, but somebody had this great idea to get them Stadium of Fire tickets for my dad's birthday.  Emily.  ;)  He he.  They had a blast and said their seats were the best seats for the firework show after the Beach Boys concert.  The seats in relation to the concert, were just okay.  Any way, so everybody came to my house instead!  Emily and Joel came.  Rodney and Jeremy and even Lili and Michael came after dinner.  We ate the London broil I grilled up (yes, me), and some baked potatoes.  Jeremy brought a salad and Emily and Joel made a very yummy dessert.  Then we watched Thor on Netflix, and went to the city fireworks show.  I forgot to take pictures of everybody stuffing their faces, but I did take pictures of the fireworks.  Here's a few:

 I thought this would make a cool picture.  It's the reflection of the fireworks on some stranger's car window.
Maybe this can be our new tradition. :)

When the fireworks were over, a bag blew over to us.  Kaleb got really excited about it and Kurtis said, 
"Awesome!  Now we know what to get you for your birthday!"  "Wait.  Nooo!"  Muwahahahaha!  The next morning, he put some tape around the bag and drew a face on it.  He's so creative.  :)


Michele said...

Waah! I wish we could have been there. :-). It would have been fun. We were invited to a neighbors, which was nice, but long for just being people to small talk with & they put the beer in a cooler next to the kids snow cone machine & I think the pop was in there too- & told the kids to help themselves. Luckily Henry couldn't open his bottle by himself and had to ask for help. Even my non Mormon friends say that was a huge no no- at least put the beer in a different place than kids drinks. So I don't feel like a total nerd for thinking that was not cool.
Enough of me- love how your fireworks pictures turned out! :-)
And maybe it's time you got Kaleb some real friends- his bag friend and his kick"box"ing buddy are cute and all, but...(just teasing)

Lissybug said...

Uh, I completely agree with you. Alcohol should be kept away from the kids' drinks. Lest they get confused.
Kaleb is an artist. He colors on everything. I still catch him drawing on the walls sometimes. I think I will paint one of his walls with chalkboard paint. He would love that.