Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake!

Saturday was my mom's birthday.  I called to tell her we were coming to visit and she said that we should come on Sunday because she was busy with wedding things.  So we did.  But Mr. Jones didn't come because he wasn't feeling well.  He said his throat felt scratchy and he didn't want to give it to anybody else.  How nice.  He's perfectly willing to make out with me and give it to me, though.  ;)
My mom made chicken cacciatore for dinner and Jeremy made the ice cream cake.  Apparently, Rodney made himself an ice cream cake for his birthday, too, so it was the month of ice cream cakes in our family.  He he.  The whole meal was delicious.  Kaleb was Mr. Tricky though.  He said his tummy hurt and would eat, then go lay down, then come back and eat.  Needless to say, he didn't finish his dinner, but as soon as the cake came out of the freezer, he was all over that.  What a butt-head.

 I saw this bag in the store and told Kurtis that it was perfect for my mom because she used to be a hippy.  "What?  I can't imagine your mom ever being a hippy."  "Yeah, she had a fortune telling booth once when she was a kid.  She even has a picture.  You will have to see it."  I told my mom that story and she said, "I was not a hippy!  That fortune telling booth was at girls' camp!"  Hee hee!

 Zach and I went looking through mom's candle stash and found these.  We thought they were perfect.  Mom said, "I used to look like Barbie!"  It's true, too.  She was super tiny and had long blonde hair when she got married.

 She's flipping her hair to get ready for her picture.  It was silly.

 She looks far too young to be 60.

 When she blew out her candles, she excitedly yelled, "I did it!"  And my boys all cheered and said, "Yay!"

 I want the biggest piece.

 Yum!  Good job, Jeremy!

Michael told me my mom needed new pots and pans.  When she opened them, she said, "Where am I going to put these?"  I looked at her and said, "Um.  Throw out your old pots and you will have room."  But no.  She just can't do that for some reason.  She went searching through her cupboards and found a spot for them, though.  I'm glad she had a great day. :)

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Michele said...

Mom looks great. Glad you guys could be there. It sounds like it was fun. :-)