Saturday, June 18, 2011

Welcome To the Mid-West!

Sunday, June 11, 2011
   More driving.  We got up, and ate breakfast.  Then we got all packed up, and got in the car again.  We finished our drive through Nebraska.  On our way out, though, we thought we would stop at Winter Quarters in Omaha, Nebraska.  I really liked that place.  Our tour guide was from Ogden, Utah, so we found somebody who knew where we were from.  Pretty cool.  The movie made me cry (most church stuff does), and I really felt that the museum part was definitely family friendly, and geared towards making the place fun for small children (like mine).  They really liked it.  It was good to get a taste of what it was like for our ancestors coming across the plains.  Most of my ancestors came on the train, but the people who came before braved hardships I can't imagine having to endure today.  One of my ancestors secretly joined the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in England.  Her husband was very much against those Mormons.  She read the Book of Mormon, and felt in her heart the Lord loved her, and wanted her to join.  For thirteen years, she was a member and her husband never knew.  Finally, her desire to be with other members of her church in Zion (Salt Lake City, UT) was too much for her to bear and she confessed.  She and her husband left England and joined the rest of the church members there.  Amazing.  I don't really keep secrets from Kurtis, so to me, that would have been so hard.  Besides, if I wanted to join the church and my husband didn't like it, I would probably just do it any way to spite him for trying to tell me what to do.  Yeah.  I'm a little spunky myself.  In my own way. ;) 
   After that, we made our way through Iowa and into Minnesota (at last!)  Our GPS lead us through the back roads, trying to get us there in the most direct route, but we hit a lot of construction and a closed portion of I-60, so we opted to get on the main freeway, and not worry about how long it took us to get there.  We stopped at Dairy Queen for dinner.  I texted my sister, and told her where we were, and she said it was a very mid-western thing to do.  I said, "Yay!  We are official mid-westerners now!" :D
  It is so good to finally be here!  I love Minnesota!

 Eating breakfast at the hotel.
We found this guy hanging out outside our hotel in Nebraska.  He was fast!
This is a huge bridge in Nebraska.  We didn't stop and check it out, but maybe next time we will.

All the rest stops in Nebraska seem to have a little (very little) play area for the kids.  I think that is pretty cool! :)

This is the statue outside of Winter Quarters.

I love that the mother is touching her husband's hand.  They are united in their resolve to follow God, and join the others in Zion.

 They got to see what the ship quarters were like on the Mormons who came across the sea from Europe.  On sea captain was quoted as saying, "Don't worry.  There are Mormons aboard.  We'll make it safely." or something like that to a worried passenger during a storm.

 The boys really liked dressing up like the pioneers.

 Kaleb packing his wagon to Zion.  He had to organize it first.  Actually, I think he said something about building a barricade?  He was imagining something quite different than packing a wagon to Zion.

 Zachary packing his wagon.

Riley is having fun!

At a rest stop in Iowa, Kaleb fell and scraped his knee.  He wouldn't stop crying, but Kurtis finally said there were way too many bugs and we needed to get going.  See that black dot on his back.  Mosquito.

 Zach and Riley really like this rest stop in spite of all the bugs.

There were lots of hay bales along the way in Nebraska and Iowa.  I don't really know why, but I really liked the site of them. :)



Emi-chi said...

I should have come with. You guys are having so much fun!

Lissybug said...

Yes, you should have! Michele was bummed that you didn't.

Michele said...

Glad you had fun at the museum. We should stop there again the next time we are driving through.
Emily, you still can come- anytime you want.