Sunday, June 5, 2011

We Might Not Go Back At All!

Hooray!  Summer is here!  School is out, and we are ready to play!  Except, I think on Friday, I already Skyped Kurtis and told him I hated summer.  But that's just because the boys were fighting, and I don't like it when they fight.  I love summer.  No school, hot days, warm nights!
We started our summer vacation with epic fighting matches.  Lots of "Hump!"s from Riley, and a church Father and Sons camp out!  Woo-hoo!  I had the house to myself.  So what did I do?  I left the house and went to the Big City.  I picked up my bestest friend Nicole and we went to dinner and a movie.  I told Zach I was going on a date with Nicole, and he said, "What?  You can't go on a date with Nicole!  That would be betraying Dad!"  Hee hee!  We had dinner at Iggy's.  We ate at the bar and didn't even have to wait for a table.  But don't tell my mom I sat at the bar.  She would not approve.  He he!  Then we saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4.  I rather enjoyed that film.  The mermaids will rip you to shreds.  Black Beard is pretty much an evil pirate, and Jack Sparrow is very funny.
At the Father and Sons, Zach and Riley shot BB guns.  Apparently Zach is a pretty good shot.  He told me he was a centimeter off from the center of the target.  Not bad if you ask me.  Kaleb shot the gun at least once as well.  Zach got burned from an ember floating away from the bonfire.  Apparently, all of the boys there took sticks from the fire and started their own little fire.  They roasted lots of marshmallows and ate yummy smores.   In the morning, they went swimming in the pool.  When I came to get them, they didn't want to get out.  Riley said he wants to do that every year, and one of the men we go to church with said it was the best Father and Sons yet.  Sounds pretty epic to me for camping in a neighbor's yard.  Some of our neighbors have really big yards, so the organizers of this camp out arranged to use three yards.  Our neighbors with the pool told me only three families actually stayed to camp out, so he though Kurtis deserved a prize for that.  Well, now Zach can pass something off in his quest for his Weblos badge.  We still haven't gotten him is book yet, so I don't know what.  But I know it's something because my mom told me.  She used to volunteer with the Weblos cub scouts in her church.  Hmm.  I wonder where Riley's book is.  I bet he passed off something, too.
Riley took some pictures of his adventure:

I'm so glad they had fun!  Tomorrow, we have our dentist appointment, Tuesday rehearsals for Guys and Dolls begin, Wednesday, I get to film another episode of Paradox, Thursday is Stamp Club, and Friday we are packing for our vacation!  Whew.  What a way to kick off summer.  Things will quiet down after we get back, right?


Emi-chi said...

Haha sounds like fun... I'm a little jealous. Tell Riley I like the photo of the guy and the flamingo. :)

Michele said...

Hey, the guy and the flamingo was my favorite too! :) I love it when kids take pictures. :) Looks a fun camp out.